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Training & Wellness Services

The Puppy Pitstop Training and Wellness Center is located at 1608 North Lynhurst Drive in Speedway.

Our Professional Dog Trainers utilize only positive-reinforcement and non-aversive methods to teach your dog lifelong skills. They not only teach you about training but canine behavior which leads to a better understanding and bond between you and your dog. We offer a variety of training services ranging from drop-in social hours, group classes, AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation, private training, workshops, & more!

Additionally, we offer wellness services such as canine massage and treadmill services.

If you have any questions about training services or are wondering which service might be best for your dog, please send an email to our trainers at

All puppies & dogs must be up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations and in your home for at least 10 days prior to joining us at the training center.

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