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Day of Play

Doggy Daycare Service 

Day of Play is our daycare service. All dogs must be up to date on RABIES, BORDETELLA, AND DISTEMPER/PARVO VACCINES. Prior to utilizing our daycare service, your dog must pass a temperament test performed by Puppy Pitstop staff members. Call +1(317)672-4237 to book a Day of Play or a temperament test. Click the link below to fill out mandatory vet and release forms.


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289381536_2923551434456793_2558298727049187725_n (1).jpg

Half Day of Play

Half Day of Play is four hours or less of supervised play. A half day is a perfect option for when going to the gym, attending a business meeting, running errands or just giving your dog time to socialize and exercise! 


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Full Day of Play

Full Day of Play consist of more than four hours of supervised play. This is a perfect option for people who work full time, dogs with high activity levels, and dogs that don't like being alone!


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Package Deals

10 Half Days of Play                                                 $155

10 Full Days of Play                                                  $265

20 Full Days of Play                                                  $490

Monthly Membership (per dog)                             $500

Monthly membership includes 2 nail trims as well as an unlimited amount of Days of Play per month!

Play & Train Package                                                $225

Add 3 sessions of manners training onto your daycare package.

*Includes 1 hour sessions during daycare hours Monday-Friday

Email for more information.

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