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Group Classes

Positive-Reinforcement, Force-Free Fun!

We are proud to offer a variety of classes & services for all skill levels suitable for puppies all the way to seniors. Please see our current menu of available classes below. If you have any questions or don't see a class time that works for you on our Class Registration page, please email


Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies 8-24 weeks of age to learn foundation training skills such as sit, down, stay, leash walking, and polite greetings.  Socialization and  behavior support for managing typical puppy behaviors!


4 weeks-$150

Next Sessions Starts:

Wednesday, May 15th @ 6PM

Wednesday, June 19th @ 6pm

Monday, June 24th @ 6pm



Pup in Progress

Go Beyond the Basics! Is your puppy beginning to venture out, checking out every leaf, squirrel, bits of trash?  This is all normal but can be a struggle!  Our games-based approach in training can help!  We'll teach you and your pup games that will help grow value in focus and being close.  This in turn will lead to a good RECALL and CALMNESS.  If what you are trying isn't working, let us help!

(Puppies 6 months-1year)

4 weeks - $150

Next Sessions Start:

Thursday, May 9th @ 6pm

Tuesday, May 14th @ 6pm

Thursday, June 6th @ 6pm

Tuesday, June 11th @ 6pm

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Canine Scent Investigators

Crave a little adventure? Put your dog’s nose to work to find clues to solve mysteries, crimes, and other puzzles. This introductory course will teach you how using the basics of scent search and indication. Upcoming workshops will give you a chance to put your detective hat on and join your dog for immersive fun.

4 weeks - $150

Next Session Starts:

Monday, June 24th @ 7:15pm


Clever Canines

Tricks Class

Learn how to teach your dog new tricks and see how helpful they can be around the house. Enjoy boosting your relationship, budling your dogs confidence, providing a great channel for excess energy, and tiring them out by using their brains.  Students who do their homework can earn a "Do More with your Dog" trick title!

4 weeks- $150

Next session Starts

Monday, May 13th @ 6pm


Games, stretching and massage for your SENIOR DOG! Are you noticing some signs of aging in your dog?  Just like humans, our dogs experience aches and pains.  You will learn to safely stretch your dog and provide maintenance massage.  We'll also offer mentally stimulating puzzles, snufflemats and physical challenges.

4 weeks - $150

Next Session Starts

Thursday, May 9th @ 7:15PM

Thursday, June 6 @ 7:15pm

Grey Muzzle


Polite Pooches

For dogs 1yr of age and older. Learn or refresh basic behaviors like sit, down, and stay in addition to playing fun training games that help your dog develop skills useful in daily life.

4 weeks - $150

Next session starts:

Monday, May 13th @ 7:15pm

Wednesday, June 19th @ 7:15pm


Joyful Journeys

You don't have to struggle for control every time you walk your dog. This class is filled with games and exercises that build the skills you and your dog 


4 weeks - $150

Next Session starts:

Wednesday, May 15th @ 7:15pm


Thinking of Therapy?

Do you think your dog has the personality to work in a therapeutic setting?  Or maybe he loves kids and you're thinking he would work well as a reading buddy in a classroom!  Join us to see what that might feel like for your dog and if he would enjoy pursuing therapy work!

4 weeks - $150

Next session starts:

Tuesday, May 14th @ 7:15pm

Tuesday, June 11th @ 7:15pm


Dynamic Duos

Great for newly adopted dogs and those needing a relationship boost!!

Games-based class that will build focus, trust, and reliability between you and your dog. Improve recall, attention to you, loose leash walking, and many other behaviors through the power of games-based training.

4 weeks - $150

Next Session Starts:

Monday, April 15th @ 7:15pm

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Does your dog have unwanted barking, shyness or separation anxiety?  The games we play during this course will enhance your dog's optimism and confidence, helping them to be 'unflappable' in everyday life.

4 weeks - $150

Next session starts:


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