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Support your dog's quality of life by making their wellbeing a top priority. The Wellness Center has an option to fit your dog's needs regardless of age or activity level. Email to personalize the perfect wellness routine to boost your dog's overall wellbeing!


Life gets busy, so making time to exercise your furry companion can feel impossible. Some breeds with sensitivity to extreme cold or hot weather can use the treadmill to exercise in a controlled environment. Does your dog need a slower-paced walk or need to shed a few extra pounds? If any of these situations apply to you, you're in luck! The treadmill is the perfect option to exercise your dog physically and mentally!

$15 per session

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Massages enhance a dog's overall sense of well-being. All dogs benefit from a massage; however, it may be particularly therapeutic for older dogs and large breed puppies, increasing blood circulation. Massages relax tight muscles, relieve arthritis pain, increase joint flexibility, assist with depression and anxiety, and increase range of motion!

$35 per session

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