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Private Training is most appropriate for dogs who don't enjoy the company of other dogs or are stressed in group situations, for owners who have specific availability, or those dogs who need help with specific skills.

We only offer basic training for foundation skills such as sit, down, stay, recall, leave it, place, waiting at doorways, leash walking, and polite greetings


NOTE: We are unable to take reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, extreme fear, and other advanced behavior modification cases due to current caseload and limitations of the facility. If you are experiencing these issues, we recommend finding an appropriate (and local) trainer or behavior consultant on

All private training takes place at our training center at 1608 North Lynhurst Drive in Speedway. 

The first session is a consultation where you'll meet with one of our trainers to discuss the current behavior, goal behavior, prior training, and get to know your lifestyle and dog's personality. Future sessions can be scheduled from there.

Sessions are $75.00 at the training center and last about an hour. 

Puppy Pitstop Training & Wellness Center

1608 N Lynhurst Drive, Indianapolis

To get matched with a trainer: Private Training Registration

One of our trainers will be in contact within 72 hours. Payment for sessions is due at the time of booking.

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