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puppy social hour

8-20 weeks is considered the "critical socialization period" and experiences and introductions during this time can affect your puppy's personality for life. Get them started off right!

Puppy Social is a unique opportunity for your puppy (8-24 weeks of age) to meet new puppies and people, and have new, positive experiences. Your puppy will get to play and learn a few basic training skills and you'll get to discuss behavior with our trainers. 

Hosted and supervised by one of our certified & experienced dog trainers at our Training & Wellness Center at 1608 North Lynhurst Drive in Speedway.


puppy Social hour

For puppies 8-24 weeks of age

2 Saturday's each month from 


Opportunity to meet, play, and interact with other puppies, people, and places under the supervision of a certified trainer. 

Upcoming Dates:

We have currently paused this service, due to low attendance.

*Must have been in your home at least 10 days and received initial vaccinations and negative fecal exam.

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